30 Day Challenge, Day 2

And today’s prompt is…Where do you see yourself in 10 years:

Anywhere but here. Simple, but true.

Right now, I am living in Far Northeast Denver, working as an Americorps VISTA, learning new skills, tackling new challenges, and meeting new people. One particularly dynamic individual I have met in my time here is a thirty-something, politically-savvy Latino who is definitely among the movers and shakers of this community. I mention this fellow because he recently imparted unto me a pearl of wisdom in the form of his philosophy on life, it goes as follows: for the first 30 years of your life, you learn; the next 30, you earn, and then the last 30+ you return (or give back). In about ten years I will, approximately, be in the “earning” portion of my life, and this is what I hope it will look like:

Professionally, I’d like to be working on a college campus, I think, although, I’m not sure in what capacity. I’d like to be writing, and have my works published. I would like to be making a name for myself as a facilitator/speaker at events and conferences for teens and college students. I want my work to be driven by my passions: fostering creativity and a sense of adventure in the lives of others; nurturing and caring for those who are broken; and empowering individuals who have grand visions of our world and their connections to it.

Personally, I would like to be living somewhere close to home, but not too close. Maybe Austin or Houston? I don’t know. But It would have to be somewhere with trees, lots of trees, all clustered together and enchanted-looking.  I’d like to have a family made up of colourful individuals from all walks of life; maybe my home will be filled with foster kids or foreign exchange students, and it will definitely have pets: a dog and some cats. I would love for my friends and relatives to come visit me on holidays, so we could all laugh, reminisce, and share new stories with one another. Maybe then they’d finally start to see the purpose behind all my wanderings, the reason I never could keep my feet planted firmly on the ground. Maybe then we will all start to get a sense of why the path I chose caused us so much heartache; maybe we’ll start to see how distance made us all stronger, and gave us all a new perspective on what it means to be bound to one another in love.


Truth is, life isn’t really sectioned off so neatly as the above equation suggests because I think you will spend your whole life learning, and in that process you are gaining priceless moments, so I hope you will always remember to give back, even when it feels as though you’ve nothing to give.

So maybe my life will unfold exactly as I just described, or maybe it will take me somewhere completely unexpected, I really can’t say, but I can say I will chose to make the best of every circumstance, even when it’s hard. especially when it’s hard. Because, in the words of one of my and my sisters’ favourite movies, A League of Their Own, “the hard is what it makes it great.”


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