30 Day Challenge: Day 3

And today’s prompt is! 

Describe your views on drugs and alcohol:

Oh, this is going to be a fun one. I grew up pretty conservatively, went to university in a dry county, counseled at a Christian camp, and worked in a treatment facility with teen girls who had issues with (among other things) drug and alcohol abuse, but now I live in Colorado, so all that is moot. I’m kidding. Sort of.

My views on the subject have definitely changed and evolved over time, but by my cohort’s standards I think I’m still pretty tame, at least that’s kind of what mainstream media would have me believe. I don’t go out drinking and partying every weekend, but I do- on occasion- like to go out and indulge…some my say over-indulge, but, again, it only happens on occasion. AND, I might add, I do so responsibly, meaning I never drink and drive. Mostly because, until recently, I didn’t have a car, so I’d have to hitch a ride with friends and co-workers whenever I did go out. I owe them so much for having to have played designated driver to my drunk ass on those nights.  I can honestly say I have never tried any illegal drugs, and I don’t plan to. That being said, again, I LIVE IN DENVER. I hesitate to elaborate on this because of my current work situation.

Overall, here are my thoughts: drugs- mostly bad, especially for growing minds and bodies; alcohol- not harmless, but not exactly healthful (unless we’re talking that occasional glass of wine kind of drinking), and, again, not good for growing minds.



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