10 Songs from Animated Movies that Sound Just as Good (or Better) In Japanese

When I came back from the States after winter vacation, I told myself I would be serious about actually practicing my Japanese instead of just relying on my HRTs and JTEs who knew English to translate everything for me. I quickly realized that I still need a lot of help and still have a lot to learn, but one habit I’ve picked up is looking for and listening to catchy music in Japanese to help with fluency. I had so much fun finding these videos and singing along that I really wanted to share them with you all, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. I Like to Move It, Madagascar

2. What’s This?, Nightmare Before Christmas 

3. Friends on the Other Side, The Princess and the Frog 

4. Colors of Wind, Pocahontas (this video has the lyrics in romaji, so you should totally sing-along-I did!) 

5. I see the Light, Tangled 

6. You’ll Be in My Heart, Tarzan (this one also has romaji lyrics) 

7. When You Believe, Prince of Egypt 

8. Let it Go (Ari No Mama De), Frozen

9. I’ve a Got a Dream, Tangled 

10. For the First time in Forever, Frozen (this one is in romaji and kanji/kana)

So what do you think? Comment and let me know which songs you liked best! Plus there are a bunch more Japanese version playlists on youtube so you check those out too, and let me know if you think any other songs should’ve been on this list.

Jaa ne! (^_^)/”


2 thoughts on “10 Songs from Animated Movies that Sound Just as Good (or Better) In Japanese

  1. I really enjoyed “Colors of the Wind” and “I See the Light”. Although I do not understand or know Japanese, they were both so enjoyable and fantastic!

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