About Me

My name is Janessa Jaylene, and my life and my heart are literally all over the map. I’m some kind of weird amalgam of opposites: a hopeful cynic, a trusting skeptic, and a selectively social lover of humanity. I believe in magic and goodness. I trust in God, and the strength that is within me. I grew up in Laredo, TX, went to school in Wilmore, KY, have lived and worked in Irasburg, VT, Louisville, KY, Denver, CO, and I am now working as an English Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in Kumamoto prefecture on the island of Kyushu in Japan. This blog is mainly dedicated the wonderful people I have met through my travels  and the things they have taught me about life, love, adventure, and brokenness.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey! I read about your anxiety in Japan, and I was wondering if you have tried propranolol (Inderal)? It works wonders, getting rid of all the sweaty palms, shakes, red flushing etc. But then I have a question – how easy is it to get these beta-blockers (I use pur-bloka in South Africa) in Japan? And more q’s, which you would probably not know 🙂 – Will the physician’s there easily prescribe it, and is it possible to bring these drugs with you to Japan? These drugs are really a life-saver, usually very cheap and non-addictive. I also am going to attempt ALT in Japan, and in my previous presentations propranolol has calmed me enough to be the person I should be.

    1. Hi! So sorry for the delay! Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to answer your questions, since I was never on prescription meds for my anxiety whilst I lived in Japan. I did, however have experience with their health care system for my congenital heart condition and found it to be quite comparable to the care I receive in the States. Also, thanks to their national health insurance, doctor/hospital visits, and medications are surprisingly cheap! Best of luck!!

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